Oct 22, 2016

The Return!!!

Hello Everyone!! Well this has been a busy summer...I decided to take the time off from the blog & Facebook back in the spring...in fact I am thinking of giving up the Facebook page all together...I want to focus back on just the blog again... spending less time on line was good except for Pinterest...gotta have my Pinterest!! Anyway back in the spring the Hubby was given a Chicken house/shed to tear down which he took for the wood...we figured that the place had to be at least over 75 yrs old...this was a pretty good sized shed, so over a 3 month period he slowly took it down, salvaged all the boards, the beams & trusses... the boards he brought back washed down removed nails then they took a sunbath for a few days to make sure there were no ants hiding in there... then he cut the boards to length... Then they were ready to be put down in the house... Now my turn... I laid the boards down, nailed them, sanded them with a floor sander & put down the poly... no stain was added at all, this is just the natural age of the wood......it was very tiring but worth it.....we got three rooms of beautiful wood floors ...

Now to get the rooms back in order... a bit chaotic right now.... Now this isn't the only thing to come from this salvage...we made a few more things which Ill be posting over the next few weeks...some are still in progress... I can't wait to show you.... Also we had a couple new additions to our family.... We have a new granddaughter...Emmiline (Emmy) Isn't she adorable <3

& our little Bella Bee

It's been a good summer...but its good to be back here!!!I am looking forward to slowing down for the winter... Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Oct 10, 2016

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day!!!

It is time to end Columbus Day....To read  more on the truth of what really happened when Columbus landed on Native American soil, please click here
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