Apr 1, 2016

Welcome April!

 I am glad April has arrived..... even without alot of snow here in Maine, it was a long winter....March was a sad month for us....We lost our little Molly.....she was 14 & we had many happy years with her but it was still heartbreaking to lose her....She was such a character....We miss her terribly....But I am sure she is chasing a chipmunk somewhere ....her favorite thing to do..
It helped to stay busy.... SO....that means laying wood floors.... We have the Craft room done (ignore the mess I am still organizing) these are some old boards given to us....there was just enough to do this floor... I think we had three small pieces left over.... I decided to leave it as is & just seal it...I like the different shades... Now we are working on the blue bedroom....hopefully that will be done next week sometime....the wood comes from an old building given to us...so the costs are being kept way down...Gotta love recycling!!!
Here is a preview of a new woodworking project in progress....One of three I have going so I will be posting them in the future.... Part of my DIY Friday....

Hope everyone is ready for Spring  I know I am....


Méa Strauß said...

Oh Linda, so sad... but yes, she IS chasing chipmunks somewere else now. ANd staying busy, I understand you so well here. That helped me too, coming over this desperate sadness, the only thing, that helped me there.
Wonderful this old wood - with an own history to add to your own in your home.
How beautitful it lookes, wow! So different. The character of the room changed completely.
Your woodwork is starting a whole new way :))
Have my hug, Linda, and a good time with progress in creativity, love, Méa

Jenny Minerva said...

So sorry to hear about your dog... :(
I lost one of my cats about a year ago,
and I still miss him terribly..!
He was 13 years old, and now I have
one cat left, and he is almost 14,
hope to keep him still for some years!

The floor looks beautiful!

Hugs & Blssings, Jenny

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

They do leave such a hole in your life - you will just have to keep the memories close and the pain eventually fades but the memories remain. The floor looks really good :)

Linda said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments ladies...<3

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