Apr 10, 2013

New Moon...Time for New Beginnings...

The New Moon this month is especially good for new endeavors ..that is exactly what I am going to do....taking my first step...   You will see more about this new adventure tomorrow...So stay tuned!!

"This is a super-charged seeding time for anything new. With the new moon in Aries, your confidence is boosted and if you’re struggling with dragging energy, it’s potentially a spark out of stagnation. The Aries New Moon is a time of action. It brings with it the characteristics of assertiveness, awareness, impulsiveness, exploration, and risk taking. This fiery sign shows your competitive, warrior nature.
The New Moon is a time of looking within yourself. It’s a time of new beginnings or breaking some old patterns. With the spring it’s time to prepare the garden and plant new seeds (new intentions).
Aries rules the 1st House – The House of Self. With this energy you may see your inner courage shines light on your leadership skills, your boldness, and independence.
Aries also rules the First Chakra – Root Chakra. During this New Moon look at your self-reliance, self sufficiency, and self direction. You may feel more impulsive and assertive. Honor your instincts at this time. With this Aries New Moon there is an opportunity to break free from old pattern, let go of anger, impulsiveness, selfishness, and any issues regarding fears related to survival.
The Aries power of this cycle is magnified with Venus and Mars and Uranus joining the sun and the moon very closely in Aries. With this configuration, all of the planets clustered in Aries, EXPECT SURPRISING RESULTS and a ripple effect from your actions.. ♥ "   Source
 Enjoy the New Moon!

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Ashling said...

Ooooo what a teaser! Do tell!

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