Dec 28, 2012

La Lune

 The last Full Moon  of this year is called the Cold Moon as winter takes hold... & also called the Long Night moon because it is the closest one to the Winter Solstice... It will also be in the sky for the longest time...14 hrs & 55 minutes... These are photos I took....the first two tonight & the last at 5:30 this morning through our bedroom window...

It really is beautiful out tonight...Be sure to go out and soak up the moon rays...
Mother Moon

Oh mother moon
you are a full moon tonight bring me much spiritual delight.
I stand outside to catch your rays
for they bring me peace and tranquity of body and soul.
I mark your date on my calendar
and wish that your beauty will shine ever so bright 
and bit be covered by clouds in the night.
I need your full moon light to enhance my being,
for your moon rays are my soul's delight. 


Babylon Sisters said...

Linda, I always soak up moon! Love this post.

Linda Wolf said...

Wow, Linda! Cool! :)

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