Nov 30, 2012

DIY Friday- Decorating with Pine Cones

This year I am decorating with Natural items...cranberries, walnuts, pomegranates  spices, orange slices, fresh greenery, acorns & especially Pine Cones...  They are so festive yet earthy... bringing Nature into the home..
I made this Pine Cone Hanging last year...this year I am making garlands for around the front door and over cupboards....There are so many uses for cones in decorating.....I keep a big basket of them out year round...(Just remember to debug the cones in the oven at 175 for about 30 minutes)
Here are a few more ideas that I really liked...

Peace Wreath ....OK  I must work on one of these for the shed...

I love this garland.....


A Vintage Chicken Feeder ...I think the Girls would like this one...;)

 A Pine Cone Garland...add glitter or German Glass which is what I like to use,
tie on a ribbon & attach to a rope...

This is a cute idea...I have also used olive oil as a lamp oil and it burns quite well.....

approx. cost $5
you'll need:
mason jar w/ lids (flat cap lid & ring lid)
smokeless odorless paraffin oil
fiberglass wick (never needs replacing/do NOT advance wick)
wick holder insert (glass or metal)
3-5 items below:
pine cones
evergreen trimmings
fern fronds
sticks, etc.

1. put decorative items in clean jar, arrange items until you get the look you want
2. fill w/ unscented paraffin oil
3. drill hole in top of flat cap lid same diameter as wick holder insert
4. thread fiberglass wick through wick holder insert
5. place the wick (& wick holder insert) in the lid hole & put the lid on the jar making sure the wick hangs in the center of the jar
6. screw lid ring on jar tight

Let the decorating begin!!!!


turquoisemoon said...

That is so cute...think I'll try to make it. Thank you for the instructions.

Lady of the Woods said...

How cool is all of that! I love the frosty looking pine cones. May I ask where you get the german glass glitter?
I have my bronzed pine cones up hanging where the grapes used to be and they will stay up all year! lol, and the white ones on the mantle sparkling...and the gold ones on another table, I'm loving them this year too! Nice post :D:D:D

Linda Wolf said...

Beats the cheap, commercial, Made in China glitz hands down. And, when you're done with natural decorations, the greater part of them can be returned to the Earth again; no storage boxes. The best things in life are truly free... or close to it.
Brilliant post! Thanks for sharing.

Bohemian said...

I Love Decorating with Pinecones too. One of the Freebies of Nature that you can get so Creative with! Thanks for stopping by with encouraging words about my G-Son taking his Cake responsibilities to Heart. *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian


I am taken with your pinecone peace wreath -- nature and peace go together in my mind -- barbara

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