Sep 29, 2012

Shine On Harvest Moon

It is the season of the Harvest Moon,
that pale amber orb of light
smiling down on a bountiful earth
on these late September nights.
Now is the time to gather in.
The fields and forest are ripe
And abundant now for harvest;
The apples are red, the pumpkins gold
And the harvest moon is in the sky
And the nights are growing cold.

  Full Corn Moon or Full Harvest Moon –  "This full moon’s name is attributed to Native Americans because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested."
It is also known as the Singing Moon,Wine Moon, Elk Call Moon...In English Medieval times it was called Barley Moon.... 

The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox...It is during this time  that we take stock of what surrounds us, a transitional time...discarding that which holds us back...many clear out old things in order to welcome in the new ...I have read a lot of blogs lately talking about the de-cluttering that they have been doing....the hubby & I have been doing the same thing as well.. in a very big way...

I relate more to the moon because of its association with Scorpio sign is water so it would seem natural that I would be drawn to it... there is something soothing about the moonlight as well as the coolness, calmness  & quiet that seems present in the night air..... This moon is a signal that the time is near to go into hibernation...For me, that means books & studying, genealogy research, movies, crafting & sewing but especially planning next year's garden.... It has a strong association with gardening from planting seeds around a full moon to the gathering of the food with this Harvest Moon... We have worked with the seasonal cycles & now it is time for a rest for not only ourselves but Mother Earth...a time to replenish...

By the Harvest Moonlight, the farmers were able to gather the food until well into the night...Maybe some still do...Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, apples, tomatoes, onions,  pears appearing at Farmer's Markets everywhere... So please support your local growers!!!
Nothing better when straight from Mother Nature!!

I wanted to share this photo I took this month of the moon...I was pretty happy with it because it's the first time I have gotten a picture of the Crescent Moon that actually looked like a Crescent!!


Enjoy tonight's Full Moon....It's not in the stars for those of us in Maine to see it tonight because of the cloud cover so hopefully tomorrow night...

Happy Harvest!

Photo credits: unless otherwise noted  photos are courtesy of Pinterest


the wild magnolia said...

Harvest time, a time of giving, and giving back. The Full Harvest Moon is in my month. September is my birth month. Autumn is my favorite season.....

We are in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, for a month. I am enchanted with the mountains and big big trees. Lush woodlands surround us. I feel so alive.

We drove through Balsam, North Carolina, to a little apple market. The last of the tomatoes and cabbages are beautiful. Apple goodies....fritters, turnovers, doughnuts, and jellies. Yum.

It is good to be here.

Bohemian said...

Very Informative! I find myself Naturally attuned to Lunar Cycles even if I don't have a clear understanding of exactly why. The De-Cluttering and clearing out has been something I've felt strongly compelled to do around this time of year... including the De-Cluttering of the Mind and Thoughts that I find to be of no use. Thanks for stopping by with encouraging Words. The Man is doing better each day, he is now getting around without the aid of his Walker, which is huge since this House is not Wheelchair or Walker accessible so it was very difficult to get him around when he was reliant upon the Walker and he didn't want to go to a Residential VA Treatment Center for Rehab and Recovery. I felt he would Heal better at Home, but I confess that it has been a lot of extra work and concern for me so I wouldn't be surprised if my own Immune System went down and that is why I'm not feeling 100% right now. Still battling whatever this is with my Holistic Approach and I do feel better than I did the day I wrote the Post about feeling dreadful... so bit by bit the Healing will come if I continue to cooperate with the Natural Healing Process. Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

ivette said...

interesting post..
I share your love for the moon// I've always felt drawn to it in different ways.. it keeps me calm, it inspires me, it gives me comfort and it gives me someone to talk to during lonely nights... I don't know how many times I've prayed to the moon, or written about it, illustrated it, etc.. my blog is named after her and also my clothing label "lunatic".
I liked this post a lot.. and also read your profile info and dig your liberal, bohemian, artistic motto :)
glad I found your blog, take care moon sister!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post!
I'm with you on the decluttering piece. It's been an element in my posts also. Sounds like you welcome change as well.
Take care!

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