Jun 20, 2012

Wednesday Women- Roberta Joan Anderson

 Also known as Joni Mitchell...
a few words is all that is needed to describe 
this amazingly talented woman...

about Dylan & other things..

an interesting turn of events...

combining her love for painting 
with her music..

  - September 8, 1998

who wrote the song "Woodstock" made famous 
by my favorite group Crosby stills & Nash..

Yes she is a 

Graham Nash wrote "Our House" when they lived together in Laurel Canyon.. as well as "Simple Man" lamenting her breaking up with him...I find it fascinating that so many men immortalized her in song..

One of my favorite albums by her...

A true Bohemian 
well worth reading more about...


turquoisemoon said...

She's one of my favorites...but, I'm from the 60's. I remember all the music from back then, and I remember what I was doing when the songs came out. hmmmm... :)

the wild magnolia said...

i enjoyed reading of her, wonderful photographs.

thank you.

Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

She got the Swedish Polar Music Prize in 1996!

: )

Have a lovely Midsummer!

Hugs, Jenny

Waywardgirl said...

Thanks for posting this.
I'm born in 1973 and discovered Joni at first in the film "Alices Restaurant" ( performing :"Songs to aging children") when I'm about 16 or 17.
(Not the typical music for a girl of this age in Germany- never really been a typical one)
I love to hear her songs till now, especially her early ones.
She is a really inspirering lady and I love the special moods her music gave me...

must stop now..have to hear music...:)

special greetings from the girl who loves your blog.


Linda said...

Thanks Mel...Glad you enjoy my blog...I forgot about Alice's restaurant.. thanks for that reminder...:)

Happy Midsummer to you as well Jema!! :)

Glad you enjoyed it, ladies...:)

laoi gaul~williams said...

gorgeous...i love the final photo of her...Alices Restaurant...must listen to the album now!!!

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