Jun 17, 2012

On Father's Day

This year I want to thank my hubby
for being such a great Step-Dad to my kids...
I cannot possibly thank him enough 
for everything he has done...
I love you, Hon <3

"Stepfathers are no less than those of blood
The spirit is more comely than the flesh.
Equally two mysteries might mesh,
Paired by nature or by neighborhood
Fathers are defined by how they love,
And not by how they multiply or breed.
Though you did not supply the primal seed,
How you loved me does your kinship prove.
Each child must turn when life's to hard to bear,
Regarding someone's arms or empty air.
So do I turn, and always you are there."
                                           Unknown author...

Happy Father's Day as well to my Dad
brother & friends..


turquoisemoon said...

Plus...he builds you all those little fairy houses! :D

Ashling said...

That's so sweet...sounds like a good man!

Linda said...

He is a great guy...There is nothing he wouldn't do for anyone...
He is my sweetie <3

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