May 16, 2012

Wednesday Women- Ola Cohn

Ola Cohn, a Australian artist, author & philanthropist 
carved fairies, gnomes, dwarfs and many animals indigenous 
to Australia into the trunk of this 300 yr old Red Gum tree during from 1931 to 1934 which she dedicated to the children of Melbourne...
"Her intentions are best described in the foreword to her book, "The Fairies Tree", inscribed on the tree's plaque :
"I have carved in a tree in the Fitzroy Gardens for you, and the fairies, but mostly for the fairies and those who believe in them, for they will understand how necessary it is to have a fairy sanctuary - a place that is sacred and safe as a home should be to all living creatures."

 "The carvings were done years after the death of the tree and so the problem of the trunk's preservation presented a problem. In 1977, the trunk was extracted from the ground for chemical treatment and the removal of rotted wood, and during the process, a mummified brush tail possum over 40 years old was found perfectly preserved within the trunk. The tree was remounted on a concrete base to prolong its life."

I am not surprised at the length of time this took 
after beginning carving myself...
I find this Ms. Cohn's art work to be not only 
an amazing gift for children 
but a way of expressing to the world that 
Nature holds secret worlds of magic 
if we only open ourselves to it..



Lady of the Woods said...

this is absolutely enchanting. How do you find these women?? thank you sooooo much for posting these. I needed so much to have an inspiration for today....namaste.
I love this. I just realized "Wednesday Women"....I got it....will look forward to more. Lady

My Grama's Soul said...

What an WONDERFUL post you have given us today....sweet friend. This story is so very incredible.....don't you wish every "soul" on earth cherished the earth as she did.



Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

I LOVE this!!!

: )

Hugs, Jenny

turquoisemoon said...

OOh...I needed this today!!! Thanks, Linda, for sharing such a wonderful and creative and magical post.

Barbara said...

Amazing!! Her work is clearly made with so much love. You find the most unique things!

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