Feb 7, 2012

Snow Moon

"February's full Moon is traditionally called the Full Snow Moon because usually the heaviest snows fall in February.
Hunting becomes very difficult, and so some Native American tribes called this the Hunger Moon.
Other Native American tribes called this Moon the "Shoulder to Shoulder Around the Fire Moon" (Wishram Native Americans), the "No Snow in the Trails Moon" (Zuni Native Americans), and the "Bone Moon" (Cherokee Native Americans). The Bone Moon meant that there was so little food that people gnawed on bones and ate bone marrow soup."

                                       The Farmer's Almanac

Hang on Spring is right around the corner!!


Bohemian said...

Hi Linda... yes, when I think about how tough my Native American Ancestors had to be, and how in tune with Nature in order to survive, I feel like a wimp by comparison regardless of what we may go through in Life nowadays!

Alas, yes, it was serious with The Man and still is... he is Home now but still battling a serious case of Pneumonia and Heart problems... so lots of follow-up and being guarded about his condition will be necessary. Thankfully this old Marine is tough as old boots! *Winks* And I remain up by Faith and confident it will hold. Thanks for the concerns... and yes, that Festival was so much Fun and relaxed my Spirit at just the right time and the Weather was just Glorious! I LOVE Arizona in the Fall and Winter... but you have to be able to endure the intense Heat of Spring and Summer too! *LOL* My Dad was Blackfoot & Apache Ancestry so perhaps it's in my Blood to live happily in a fierce Desert environment? I've never felt more at Home than in Arizona even though I've traveled the World most of my Life and only put down roots in mid-life... the Gypsy Nomadic Blood keeps me aching to Wander too! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Air Bohemia said...

And we thought we had it rough in snow country and yes, I too feel like a wimp when I think of the struggles the early peoples had, we really don't have a clue, but I'm thankful for the little Earth wisdom I do have!

Still no snow in my neck o the woods...shhhhh...


Linda said...

Nothing here in my area either .... it does make you think of the comfort we have and what the Native Americans must have gone through during this time of the year...especially here in North country!!

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