Apr 29, 2011

Pillows, Pillows, Lots of Pillows

There are certain things that are essential in my home. Pillows and cushions reside at the top of the list. They can be decorative for the bedrooms or utility for those lazy days on the sofa, floor pillows to sit on around the coffee table and what would a pillow fight be like without them! They have a quality of comfort to them in the way comforters and quilts do.

So my plans are to turn what you see in the next two pictures into just that
...pillows.... so stay tuned for the results....
(forgive the picture quality..my camera died on me a while back
so I had to use my phone camera.)

This pile of fabric remnants resides in my craft room waiting to be turned into different sizes and shapes of pillow covers.... (after my classes end for the semester..)
I prefer to make the covers so that you can change them around for diverse looks. They are also much easier to wash too. The following pictures are my inspiration...
I love their colors & textures....

Dis claimer: I do not own the copyright to any of these pictures.
They are only being used to express my style.
If anyone sees a picture they do not want displayed
please let me know and I will remove it.
They were used from the following sites.:


Apr 28, 2011

Women & Art Quilt Project

My Women & Art class created this quilt. We each, as well as family & friends, created at least two 12 x 12 quilt squares on issues important to us as women. The class also created a quilt square focusing on the woman artist that we are doing a research project on. Different mediums were used to create the 40 squares but a majority are crafted with fabric. I think it came out wonderful. Each piece was scanned by our teacher, Renee Felini and her husband to be made into this virtual quilt. Great job to my classmates!!

If you click on the link below, you can see the individual squares up close.


Apr 26, 2011

Please Help These Beautiful Seals......

Please re-blog this, the petition is 9,000 away from reaching their goal of 100,000 signatures that we need....

Canada’s 2011 commercial harp seal hunt has begun, and the government of Canada has sanctioned the slaughter of 400,000 baby seals.

In a stubborn and defiant challenge to the rights of other countries to say “no” to seal products, the Canadian government continues fighting the EU ban on seal products and ignores the facts. But there is no economic, scientific or ethical argument that can support the shooting, clubbing and skinning of defenseless seal pups. In some cases while the pup is still alive!!!!!

People have the right to refuse products from Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt, and the Canadian government should stop aggressively pushing seal products on countries that don’t want them.

Please tell Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper that you will defend your right to say “no” to cruelty. Ask him to listen to the voices of people from around the world and end the commercial seal hunt. Urge him to do the right thing and protect, not slaughter, Canada’s beautiful wild seals.


One voice alone is ignored but many voices speaking out will be heard.

Please let yours be heard too. Please sign the petition!!!


Apr 24, 2011

Re-purposed Welding Wire Spools

Re-purposing something for another use is important but fun too. It gets the creative juices flowing as to how they can be put to better use, especially plastic. There are certain numbers that will not be recycled and eventually end up in the land fills. These welding wire spools that my hubby had laying around are an example. I needed spools to wrapped jewelry chain, ribbons, cloth strips that I reuse in my projects. I decided to dress these up a bit as they will be on the wall as part of a craft shelf. The re-do was very simple.

The items you need are:

Old book pages
Mod Podge
Exacto Knife
Black Bees Wax

Glue pieces of the pages onto the sides and let dry for a few hours.

Stamp a design of your choice on. Let dry throughly. Then take a Exacto Knife and trim the edges and the center hole. Leave them a little rough if you want to achieve an aged look.
Apply a coat of Black Bees Wax and let dry a few hours. Then buff it out.
The Bees wax gives it a antique look and will seal the rough edges.
Very simple project and your recycling instead for filling up our landfills.

a few smudges here and there just add to the aged look....

You can see the difference in the color of the paper from the photo above before bees wax
and below after it is applied and buffed.....

Hope this inspires some spool creativity of your own!!

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