Nov 11, 2011

On Veterans Day...

To all the Veterans and soldiers who serve this country, sacrificing in ways many do not understand, I want to send out a heartfelt thanks for your service...especially to my two husband Steve and son Aaron <3<3

Not only do we need to thank them but fight on their behalf to ensure they receive the help & benefits they are due to make their lives better as well as healthier when returning home from conflict...No Vet should be homeless nor should they have to "fight " for the benefits they are entitled to.... for their entire lifetime!!!...They stepped up when asked to and so should we when they need us....everyday!!!!

National Center for PTSD

National Veterans Foundation

Operation Homefront

The Jericho Project


Barbara said...

Thank you for this tribute to our men in uniform! My boyfriend is a veteran.

Found your blog through the Purple Caravan ~ happy to be a new follower!


Linda said...

Welcome aboard Barbara..Glad to have you join...and a big thanks to your boyfriend for his service and sacrifice...


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