Nov 16, 2011

5 Senses Tour

Continuing the tour with Bohemian Twilight!! Indulge your senses!!

Movie: Woody Allen's
"Bullets over Broadway"
I LOVE Woody Allen movies and have quite a collection.. This is one I highly recommend...very entertaining and funny!!!

Food:  "Beef" Stew

This has all the taste of a meat stew without the husband is a big meat eater but I do manage to get him to eat a vegetarian meal once in a while...He loves this one....and it is so good with homemade biscuits!!!

The secret ingredient is the wheat gluten...the Westsoy is the brand I use.... you can get this at Whole Foods...(please forgive the quality of the pics)

This is a simple receipe...I cut the cubes up even smaller as they tend to swell in the liquid and will give you more bites...Then brown them up a little in a small amount of oil...

Then I  precook the vegetables..Basic veggies are  2 large potatoes, 1/2 cup peas, 2 carrots cut up, 1/2 small onion. But I always use something different like a parsnip, some turnip or broccoli once in a while for variety..

Then I make a sauce from 2 cups water( that I cooked the veggies in), 4 Tblsp cornstarch and a touch of Gravy Master......Add right to the gluten bits and thicken...then add your veggies...  

It is delicious and warms you up on the cold night!

Book: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly 

Read this from a psychological view...I took a English Literature class in which the professor gave us a completely different view of this book...The movies do not come close to how great this book is....

Music:   Loreena McKennitt 's Book of Secrets 
What a fantastic can hear many different influences but the Celtic sounds are what I enjoy the fact I have yet to hear one of her songs I did not like!!  A very talented lady....

Design: Big Baggy Sweaters.. nothing better <3



Vintage Green said...

I am going to have to try that wheat gluten. I haven't eaten beef in over a year, and I have been thinking about a stew but somehow chicken or turkey didn't sound appealing.Thanks for the idea!!

Monica said...

ah baggy sweaters, comfy and hide a multitude of sins, lol

i love woody allen films but i'm so unsure if i've seen this one. it even has my crush cusack! i must have... hmmm

lovely song too.

edit... just checked, yes, have seen it, but many years ago. thanks for the reminder!

Barbara said...

Ooooh, I love *everything* in your post! The Book of Secrets is one of my favorite albums - really magical. I'll have to read Frankenstein again; it's been a long time.

Baggy sweaters are my default clothing item when I'm back from a long day at the office!

I'm looking forward to seeing Allen's "Midnight in Paris". Have you seen it?

Hausfrau said...

Loving those baggy sweaters! Can't recall if I've seen Bullets over Broadway--must check. And I've never read Frankenstein--something I definitely want to do!

Green Goose said...

Luscious sweaters, good looking recipe...I just spent about twenty minutes on your Pinterest page. ; ) Great soundtrack here, too.

Linda said...

I haven't seen Midnight in Paris yet but looking forward to it!! I love his movies I am planning a post just on some of my favorite movies of his...Just posting one isn't enough *LOL*....and I cannot recommend Frankenstein enough...just forget what you have seen on film!!

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