Oct 31, 2011

Día de los Muertos

Day of the Dead...a Mexican tradition which was merged by missionaries  with All Saint's Day on Nov 1 and All Soul's Day on Nov 2 in order to christianize the holiday..... It is a time when family and friends gather to pray for and remember their loved ones who have passed..It is traditionally celebrated for three days starting on Oct 31st to represent three deaths....when the heart stops beating, being lowered into the ground and when there is no one to remember us..

Children and infants are honored on Nov 1. This day called  Día de los Inocentes ( Day of the Innocents)  & also known as  Día de los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels). Adults are honored  on Nov 2.

Favorite foods and beverage as well as photos, candles and memorabilia associated with the deceased are taken to the graves, which are cleaned and decorated. Prayers and stories are told with the hope that the soul will visit to hear what is being said by their loved ones..Elaborate alters are made for the dead...

It is believed that the Aztecs started this tradition. Skulls were kept as trophies to symbolize birth and death. A festival was held in the 9th month of the Aztec calender around August to honor the deceased and there were celebrations all month long.

 Sugar Skulls are made to adorn the alters  and graves too...

All manner of skull related costumes, decorations, and food  are everywhere... as well as dancing and singing!

Papier Mache Skull


I am planning on attending my Angeles family reunion in Mexico next November... Hopefully I can get to see some of the Día de los Muertos celebrations!! In the meantime, I will honor my Mexican Grandparents with a post about them on Nov 2nd. I have been reading some of the other posts by my fellow bloggers and I think celebrating our deceased loved ones this way is wonderful! It makes me proud of my Latina blood with a heritage of such a beautiful culture..

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