Sep 7, 2011

Recycing Pallets

It is always good to recycle things ...Pallets are one of those items that can be re-purposed in many ways....The wood is aged so you can achieve a really nice look...especially if you like a rustic, earthy look.

Toddler Bed


Day Bed

A place right here in Portland Maine that recycles pallets into some beautiful pieces...

My husband picks up pallets whenever he goes to the Recycling Center. I am making raised garden containers with the frames and the wood taken from the top & bottom is going to be recycled into a headboard for our bed and flooring..I will post pics later with the final results.

(Disclaimer: unless otherwise noted all photos used are from Pinterest. )


Vintage Green said...

I made raised beds this year out of salvaged wood as well.....can't wait to see yours.
I noticed you changed out your photos on side.....Love what you did but will miss seeing Edie:)

Linda said...

I like to change things up once in a while...she is coming back with a few more faces......It is hard to choose what to add sometime...LOL


Luthien said...

OMG!!! i could stay here and drool and drool the whole day! i LOVE old wood and i was actually trying to look for these old palettes sometime ago for my display table, but you know when you're desperate, things just dun wanna be found just to taunt you!! ARGGGHHH ... one day, one day ... i'm gonna have these as my craft table when i have a studio ... *dream*


Brilliant! Love the flooring and I had that bed. My brother made it for me when I was a teenager.

Bohemian said...

WOW... so much inspiration... *She says as she glances around her property for old palettes to now make into wonderful creations... LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Linda said...

A great place to find pallets is at your local recycling center ...We also see them advertised as free as long as you come pick hubby is getting our trailer ready for the road!!

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