Sep 9, 2011

~~A Place of Respite~~

(Disclaimer: these pictures are found at Tumblr and on the web.)


Anonymous said...

These really are beautiful, inspirational spaces. I did notice your disclaimer about the images being "found at tumblr and on the web"; what's unfortunate about that is that so many people are incredibly lax and/ or inconsiderate about listing photo credit and sources.

Perhaps I am assuming an interest on your part that isn't there, but if you are keen to post images and be able to cite the photographers and artists responsible for the images, have you ever tried using reverse search engines? Tineye and google both have great functionality for this and its always helpful to provide your readers with as much information as possible regarding the things you share with them. Otherwise they are left with "oh my gosh! that is beautiful! what magazine/book was this in, where can I see more?...Oh, there's no photo credit. How disappointing."

The Sassy Kitten said...

Agreed. It's necessary to respect and extend courtesy to both the originating artists, and your readers, by citing (siting, heh) the sites where you found these images.

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