Aug 16, 2011

Macramé Madness

I have come first circle from the early 70's and am back making macrame which I love to do. I have just added a new twist and incorporated recycled items and handmade beads.

This is my newest macrame hanger. I like to find unusual holders and when my husband brought this barn door piece home I knew what I would use it for. This was part of the system that the barn door was rolled open on.
( sorry about the picture quality)

A coat of black paint and and added chain and it was ready. I am really happy with how it came out...

and it suits the recycle style my hubby and I enjoy...

I had a slight mishap with my big Ivy...the original plant holder broke spilling my beautiful plant all over the floor...some of the vines were over 20 ft I trimmed it back and now have three jars of clippings that are rooting... I decided to make sure it would not happen again so I have made the first of some macrame hangers. This was made with a large iron ring that my husband gave me and the beads I made from polymer clay and stamps.

I don't think this one will let go!!!

Have a great day and Thanks for stopping by!!

1 comment:

Lady of the Woods said...

how cool is this? now what does one use for macrame and can one teach themselves how to do it? I can see myself going nuts over this. I saw the anthro post too, and I'm in love.

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