Jul 12, 2011


Hi Everyone...

I am temporarialy without my computer thanks to a nice virus sent through my email. I am writing a few blogs... one will be on Casey Anthony and Narcissist "mothers"........I will also be posting what I have been up to as far as my projects and crafts hopefully in a couple of weeks when my computer comes home. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

See you soon!


Bohemian said...

Sorry to hear you were afflicted by a PC virus... nasty things!

Loving your beautiful Blog and Style... so nice to connect to Kindred Spirits via the enchanted Land Of Blog.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
Bohemian Valhalla.blogspot.com


hurry back - we're lost without you. lol. well, maybe not that bad but i do love your inspiring blogs!

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