Jun 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my Dad

In honor of the man who taught me my work ethic, gave me artistic and mechanical abilities and a beautiful French-Canadian Heritage. He has worked very hard all of his life, giving generously to those who need it and even to those who take advantage of it. He always has a project going that he is working on...I never heard him complain of any aches, pains or sickness unless the pain was so bad he couldn't keep it in. The picture is of Dad at 18 yrs old, in the Army Corps during WWII. I am very proud of his service to this country.

He is the life of the party... You always have fun and laugh with Dad around....

I am not sure I could have gotten through some of the hard times in my life without his help and I cannot thank him enough for all the things he has done for me.

Happy Father's Day to you Dad!!

Happy Father's Day to my husband who has been such a good StepDad to my kids. He has been there for them when they have needed him... He has provided stability and grounding in their lives.....I know they appreciate and love him for it as they have told me.......as well as I do.

and Happy Father's Day to my brother who has such a great relationship with his kids too.... and I love and miss him very much as he lives so far away.....

To all you Dads....... Have a wonderful day!!!

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