May 17, 2011

For you DIY Chicas

My semester has ended for the year so now it is time to play around with some DIY projects. I have book marked so many projects that I am going through them to weed out the ones I really want. I decided to post some of the interesting things I have found along with the tutorials for you crafty people who like to make your own. This is the first of a few DIY tutorial /recycling posts I will be posting. I will be posting some of my results later on. Enjoy!

Fabric Flowers

This is made with a skunk cabbage leaf as a template. This would be great as a centerpiece or even a serving dish at cookouts.

I have made these before but with a magic marker...I am going to try it again with the calligraphy pen like in the picture above. I also think a stamp would work well so I am going to try that too.

I love this!!

Printing on fabric using Reynolds freezer paper and it works!

Old book pages and stamping...You create exactly the kind of button you want!

They use a lamp for this project but I was going to try this on a glass jar to use with votive candles. I will let you know how it comes out.

Just for inspiration! I love the colors!

Old rulers Rule!!

~~~Book Page flowers~~~

These are compact mirrors but I can see this on other things.

I also saw a ladder used as a plant hanger in a bathroom that looked very cool..

~~~Much nicer than those metal clothes hangers you see in the stores~~~~

Home made glue.....
Haven't tried it yet but it looks like it would work well and it is non-toxic!!

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