Apr 16, 2011

Relaxing Herbal Bath Blend....

The ingredients in this bath blend encourage a peaceful state of mind. Use the blend whenever you need to relax.

  • 2 parts chamomile
  • 2 parts lavender
  • 2 parts roses
  • 1 part comfrey leaf

1. Mix the herbs . Place a large handful or two of the herbal mixture into a muslin bag or handkerchief and tie the container to the nozzle of the tub.

2. Turn the tap on hot and let it pour through the herbal bath bag, turning the tub water into a strong herbal infusion.

3. Run enough cold water into the tub to bring the water to desired temperature.

Note: For a shower, tie the herbal container onto the showerhead. When it is soaked through, untie it and use it as your washcloth.



Moon to Moon said...

I tried this blend in my bath this morning, stunning!
Although whilst in my bath i remembered that other than the comfrey, these are the ingredients of my favourite tea.

Linda said...

I was thinking the same thing...I am planting Comfrey this year so that I can make this blend right from the garden...I see some gifts in the future :)

Thanks for giving us a testimonial on how nice it is!! :) It also looks good enough to eat...LOL

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