Apr 26, 2011

Please Help These Beautiful Seals......

Please re-blog this, the petition is 9,000 away from reaching their goal of 100,000 signatures that we need....

Canada’s 2011 commercial harp seal hunt has begun, and the government of Canada has sanctioned the slaughter of 400,000 baby seals.

In a stubborn and defiant challenge to the rights of other countries to say “no” to seal products, the Canadian government continues fighting the EU ban on seal products and ignores the facts. But there is no economic, scientific or ethical argument that can support the shooting, clubbing and skinning of defenseless seal pups. In some cases while the pup is still alive!!!!!

People have the right to refuse products from Canada’s cruel commercial seal hunt, and the Canadian government should stop aggressively pushing seal products on countries that don’t want them.

Please tell Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper that you will defend your right to say “no” to cruelty. Ask him to listen to the voices of people from around the world and end the commercial seal hunt. Urge him to do the right thing and protect, not slaughter, Canada’s beautiful wild seals.


One voice alone is ignored but many voices speaking out will be heard.

Please let yours be heard too. Please sign the petition!!!


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