Apr 17, 2011

Natural Seed Starters

Egg Shell Seed Starters

This is carrying on the theme of seed starter containers al la naturale. I posted one previously that uses citrus peelings but this one is more appealing to me. I have layers who provide me with plenty of eggs. The carrier in these pictures are egg cartons but I am using the Styrofoam containers that turkey burger comes in. (I will be recycling that Styrofoam into something for the holidays later on which I will post in the future....)
Don't forget to add a couple of small rocks in the bottom for drainage.


Great idea for the little animals during the winter...they love to chew on grass..

Newspaper Seed Starters
This is another great way to start seeds, recycle and save on cost. I used the newspaper pots last year and they worked excellent. Like the egg shell and citrus peelings , you just plant the whole thing in the ground. They break down and compost back into the earth.

Paper Towel Roll Seed Starters

This link gives you great tips when recycling this to start your seeds.


Recycle those Base Ball Card Sleeves

This is a really neat way top start seeds and recycle used plastic seeds. They are using baseball cards but you could also use the sleeves for 4x6 card pages too.
Gets lots of sunlight, out of the way and a great recycle use.

These are great ways to save alot of money, recycle and help cut waste.

Happy Gardening Everyone!!!


garden decorations said...

Awesome blog!
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Linda said...

Thank You ...glad you enjoy it...:)

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