Jan 19, 2011

Recycled Necklace Hanger

I made this from a architectural piece that came from an old Garden Angel...I carved some simple flowers and did some spiral work with black craft wire...The hangers are upholstery tacks.
I try to make pieces that fit in with my decorating scheme...which is pretty eclectic so just about anything works at my home... and it usually ends up expressing who I am .....which works too!!

(some of the pictures may be fuzzy as I took these with a phone camera.)


kare said...

Hello, This project is lovely!) I have not carved anything for many years but this inspires me..perhaps i will dig my tools out of storage.
Lovely Blog!
interesting verification = unsatu :)

Linda said...

Thanks for you wonderful comments...I definitely recommend doing some carvings...My Dad gave me his carving tools years ago and I just started using them...I plan on doing some more...lots of fun on what comes out!!

Lady of the Woods said...

this is gorgeous and your room looks like it came from a magazine! girlfriend you are just too cool!
thanks to linkwithin I can't just look at one post anymore, the pics there are just too tempting LOL

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