Jan 2, 2011

Epsom Salt Luminaries

I have discovered that Epson Salts' use extends into the recycling realm. They are great for achy muscles and sprinkling around newly planted roses to help the establishment of the roots. But now they can be used to make an elegant candle settings.

I found this website and fell in love with this craft. I love the fact that you can use old jars to make these and it's simplicity in making is as beautiful as the candle light it reflects. This is something that can be used year round and would make a gorgeous centerpiece!

This is one I made from a candle holder and placed it in a Hurricane Jar with clear acrylic pieces that look like ice. ( I think I got them at Michael's Craft Store.) It is so pretty at night with a tea light inside.

I am posting the link to the tutorial...Simple and fun to do!! Enjoy!!

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