Jan 1, 2011

Christmas Decor with Antiques

This is the time that I go through all my Christmas decorations and pack it away for another year. I sort things out and get rid of or fix broken decorations. This year I decided to incorporate more of my vintage and antique items. I really liked the feel the antiques gave to the overall Christmas feeling in the house. I have decided to use alot more of them next year. Junkmarket Style is one of my favorite websites & is a great place to get ideas like this.

I am posting a few pictures I took. Unfortunately, as my camera is no more, I have to use my phone camera so the pictures are not the best but you will get the idea.

An Old 9 pane Window

Cast iron Rocking Horse

Vintage Napco Santa figurines

Sleigh Bells

Wooden Rocking Horse and Christmas arrangement
in an Antique nail barrel on top of an antique
miniature wooden chest..

Antique Grain Scoop

Vintage Child's Skis with pulley
and old Nail with Antique Skates

Antique Skates from Vermont

Old Porch Corbels

Old Galvanized Box with an embossed design
I did with a stencil and glitter glue.

Hope this gives you some ideas for yourself for next Christmas!


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