Sep 26, 2010

Chickens & Wildflowers

Our newest addition to the family...Petite....she was one of our meat chickens but when my husband came into the house one night he was referring to her as Petite, I knew then she would not be going anywhere. She really is a sweet little bird and we love her... Our layers have accepted her quite well.

The rest of the photographs are of our laying hens. We decided to let the small back yard go wild with black-eyed Susans and grasses, letting the hens roam there. I am going to continue to spread wildflower seeds next year and let the ladies do their work. I can't wait to see what happens.

Sep 19, 2010

And the carving continues...

During my time off from the computer, I got back to many of my projects, one of which was wood carving.. I had posted by first attempt in Wood Carving Newbie. I really enjoyed it and decided to try it again. Each time I carve, I discover a better way to use the carving tools...I took the top of a bench that my Dad made for me and put it on the old Singer Sewing machine bottom I still had.

I used the same design as my first attempt.
It was an easy design and I love the look of it.

The one mistake I made was not sanding down the wood between the carvings on the top . A light sanding would have evened out the color of the wood.

When I applied the Black Bees wax,
the carving came out slightly lighter that the middle..
I was hoping to achieve a more uniform antiqued look.

But I was still very happy with the results.
Of course I had to throw in a little Peace sign on the side carvings :)

This is once again my sewing table in the craft room.
Another aspect of these pieces are the fact they are recycled.
If it has a positive family history to it can be become
not only a charming item that you have created but an heirloom also.

If anyone is interested in carving, this site was one I used to understand the tools use.
I like to design my own but there are also free patterns here to download.

Peace !

Sep 16, 2010

Reflections of a Frog Pond

These are pictures from our Frog Pond.My husband initially had dug most of it by hand, down to the granite, then finished the east side with the tractor. Over the years it has become more established and it is a beautiful place to visit.

It is one of many peaceful places at our home.

I hope you enjoy these!

Sep 7, 2010

Uncle Sam says....

Quoting Martha, " it's a good thing"

Sep 4, 2010

I have been on a computer-imposed vacation during August as I cooked the motherboard in my laptop. I recently got a refurbished one so I will be posting again. It actually was nice taking a break though hard at times because I depend on the computer for everything such as communication, bills, etc.

The hubby and I have been spending time creating things together, working in the garden, completing house projects and de-cluttering. We have discarded an amazing amount of "junk" from our space and it is amazing how good it feels to get rid of it. I will be posting the pictures I have taken of some of our projects.

My hubby is such a sweetheart, after he had finished up work on the chicken run and I have just harvested some beefsteak tomatoes, peppers and cukes from the garden, he looks at me and says, " I really wished I had met and married you to begin with.... my life would have been so much better"....and it would have...

It sure doesn't get much better hearing compliments like this from your love... a testament to our life together..

This is also the 11th anniversary of our first date. A motorcycle ride through the back roads of Maine. A beautiful day just like the one now and the start of many more!


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