Dec 14, 2010

The Snowman.....

I love snowmen...They represent the magic of snow....
To have never made a snowman is to have lost out on a great experience.
I decided this year to make my Christmas decorations for the house
using what ever have in my home.
I have enjoyed this more than any time spent in a store
buying decorations & ornaments.
What better way to start the season than making a snowman!

I had recently done a Papier Mache project,
a battle ax for my son's
Halloween costume.Everyone loved it and I had fun making it.
I used items that were in the recycle center of our home.

Using the same Papier Mache recipe seen in this video
or if you prefer the recipe itself....
I used Recipe 2 (Just click on Recipe 2 for the link)
I made up a batch ahead of time. Just make sure it
is in an air tight container.

I used things around the house to make the snowman....plastic bags,
shredded paper, the good old duct tape, cardboard along with embellishments,
such as paint fabric and German Glass.

First comes the body made of a plastic bag,
a circle of cardboard put in the bottom for the base.
Stuffing shredded paper in the plastic and tying off each section
of the body until it has the shape you want.
Place duct tape over it to tighten up the shape
and smooth out some of the wrinkles.

I made a hat of cardboard and tape
but you could also use a piece of wool or fabric
and tie off the top to add later.
Then you "frost" the shape
like you would a cake.
This is wonderful Papier Mache, so easy to shape,
smooth and form eyes, buttons and such
on your project.

or a mustache ...

Then you let it dry till it is completely dry.
I let this guy dry for a couple of days.

Add paint and glitter, holly & pine cones
I also used some German Glass which
I bought a few years ago
instead of glitter.

A Buffalo Plaid scarf, eyes, buttons
and a real carrot nose..
My hubby suggested it
so I dehydrated a baby carrot..
I loved it!!
and of course, real branches for his arms!!

and you have a Snowman for the Holidays.

I am making a recycled snowflake
that I will post later this week.

Hope you have found this interesting
and something you may want to try.
I promise you won't be disappointed with this recipe.


Monica said...

very creative.

i made my first snowman just yesterday! at the young age of 4, lol

Linda said...


Méa Strauß said...

My sweet, I am a paper clay artist - and fell in love with the tiny snowman.
Snow flakes from Méa

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