Dec 15, 2010

Hungry and Homeless for Christmas

Please go to this site and read about
poverty in America... Educate yourself...

...and PLEASE do not forget about our Veterans.

The pictures you see here need
to become non-existent!

Please don't forget our animal friends either
When their owners are effected by hardships so are they.
and most shelters will
not allow pets in shelters.
There are only two in the US that allow it.
Local animal shelters could use donations too.
Find out where there is one in your area
and help our furry friends.

Maine Friends of Animals

Here are some favorite charities
of myself and some of my friends.
Also I am sure you can find local food pantries
that could use extra donations this year
with the increasing number of people that are
unemployed, homeless and living in poverty.

Gifts for children whose parents are incarcerated

Donate your unused cellphones for a soldier to call home with

Wonderful charity that gives people a hand-up not hand-out
benefiting people and the Earth

great charity for feeding the hungry in America

The Home for Little Wanders

St Jude Children's Research Hospital for children with cancer

In Maine I like:

Stone Soup Food Pantry
61 Bacon Street
Biddeford Maine

These are all great places to donate
so please think of giving
to one of these places to help others.
Not just for Christmas but throughout the year.
If everyone gave just a tiny bit,
huge change could occur.
It would be a
wonderful gift for you.

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