Dec 22, 2010

Christmas at Grammy and Grampa's

(Grammy & Grampa with Hot Shot at home)

My memories of Christmas are ones that center around my grandparents.To this day I can't think about this holiday without thinking about them.Their home was a farm house in the middle of town where my Grandfather ran his plumbing business. From the porch, the first room you walked into was the big kitchen where Grammy was always there cooking yummy things. It was comforting to know that she was always there.The heavenly aroma of her cooking filled the house. As well as a huge Turkey dinner,she made all kinds of goodies.Peanut brittle, pies, Pin Wheel cookies ( which I still make every year).As well as bowls of ribbon candy set out.

The living room was warm and cozy with big over stuffed furniture and a big bay window area that looked out to the road.This is where the Balsam Christmas tree was covered in big lights, homemade the Christmas Card Ornaments

along with tinsel and garland that sparkled and move giving the tree a magical look.Underneath were a mountain of presents for me, my brother and my cousins. The Nativity was always on top of the TV...similar to this 1963 Zenith Console TV that I am sure many for us remember.

There were also the little Napco Santa & Mrs Claus that were sitting on the TV too.I don't know what ever happened to Grammy's set, but these I bought on eBay. It would have been nice to have her set.

Sometimes those memories were of small specific things that made the deepest impression on me. These are some of them but my favorite memory is of the bubble lights that Grammy had in the windows.

They were in every window of the bay. Cuddled up in the chair watching the lights bubbling away against the dark reflection of the windows only added to the ambiance of the Christmas atmosphere that my Grandparents always created there. I can still see the tree and bubble lights in my mind's eye. I will never forget it. It was very comforting. I always felt so happy, safe & loved at Grammy and Grampa's.

Now my family is making new memories and traditions change as people are welcome into the family bringing their own traditions to add...Christmas Eve is our favorite time so
my husband & daughter always have their traditional lobster chowder then we have a Lasagna dinner. Later, we listen to an audio version of "A Child's Christmas in Wales"
written & read by Dylan Thomas that my daughter's boyfriend introduced us to as one of his family traditions. It is a relaxing and peaceful time for us..............................
My wish is that all of you have the same blessings..

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