Dec 11, 2010


A friend of mine, Kathy Kennedy McConaghie,
has shared with us on Facebook this beautiful poem she wrote when she was just 17. I think it shows amazing insight for someone so young but it also shows the impact of an unpopular war on people. Many of us thought we would never see this country in a situation like Vietnam again....nor would I see my son preparing to go into war.... But 38 years later, here we are again...with no end in sight. Kathy's words have reached across the years being just as poignant and powerful today as they were went she wrote them so long ago. As she pointed out, the only difference is there is no one marching in the streets protesting....So our power to protest lies in our social networks to call for the end of this war.....

During this Holiday season please think about raising your voice, like Kathy, to call for an end to the Afghanistan war and bring our troops home. Thank You Kathy for letting me share this.


"All we are saying is give peace a chance."

We whispered to the towering gods

but were drowned out by the roaring millions,

millions of bombs killing.

Scrabbling for blood money, profitable deaths.

Please listen, we said,

Please give peace a chance.

We got out on the streets and we whispered no longer.

Talked quietly with reason to the government of people.

But no one would listen, they shoved us aside.

They could not and would not see the horrible,

the specters of maiming and death so far away.

They hurried on to believe the glory-mad lying,

turned their backs on the murdered, the hungry, the crying.

We were stunned but no longer willing to talk.

Many were desperate. "Make them wake up and take notice!"

Give peace a chance, we shouted, we sang.

We will change everything around and force you to stop killing.

We will destroy your smooth war-money-making machine.

We shouted and marched for our beautiful slogan

and finally dragged her through violent mud.

Our shouts and brave joy turned to pain, screams and fear -

they found it easy to kill us, easy to deny

our rights to the chance for beautiful peace.

They can't kill us all and we're still around.

Give a peace a chance is still a good sound.

The bombs are destroying and killing the many

but our numbers are growing and if nature is willing

the steel gods will weaken as they chase their blood money.

They will forget us and try to regain their death glory -

pitifully trying they'll know they can't win.

Peace will get that chance and we'll usher her in.


Momma Bee said...

A beautiful, fresh piece that echoes our feelings then, and so sadly, now. Was there a moment in the past 40 years when we simply forgot about it? There must have been. Thank you so much for sharing.

Linda said...

I had to share this when I read it...It just seems as though our leaders never seem to learn the lessons of war and just keep repeating it...Kathy's poem just was such a reminder of that...

Thanks for the comment Momma Bee :)

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