Nov 29, 2010

'Tis the Season

Thanksgiving has passed and it was wonderful...lots of laughter, football, food & fun with loved ones....and stress-free. Our family had a wonderful day. Now the Christmas season begins.

My husband was standing outside and he looked at me, saying, "I really feel in the Holiday spirit this has been so many years I can't remember when I felt this way" .....I agreed with him...the last time I felt like I had the Holiday spirit was the one at my home up north before I moved.....very cheery and happy with people we love and who love us too...we are back to that environment, enjoying the holidays without alot of unnecessary stress as the hubby puts it!!

I have been feeling nostalgic this year as are many of my friends. We have recounted our tales of sledding, skating and winter fun from our childhoods..... then there are the Christmas stories...

So we have decided to go back to an old fashioned Christmas. The traditional elements will be embraced again....and I will share some of these during the coming month. I hope you will join me for the fun and stories!!!

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