Sep 4, 2010

I have been on a computer-imposed vacation during August as I cooked the motherboard in my laptop. I recently got a refurbished one so I will be posting again. It actually was nice taking a break though hard at times because I depend on the computer for everything such as communication, bills, etc.

The hubby and I have been spending time creating things together, working in the garden, completing house projects and de-cluttering. We have discarded an amazing amount of "junk" from our space and it is amazing how good it feels to get rid of it. I will be posting the pictures I have taken of some of our projects.

My hubby is such a sweetheart, after he had finished up work on the chicken run and I have just harvested some beefsteak tomatoes, peppers and cukes from the garden, he looks at me and says, " I really wished I had met and married you to begin with.... my life would have been so much better"....and it would have...

It sure doesn't get much better hearing compliments like this from your love... a testament to our life together..

This is also the 11th anniversary of our first date. A motorcycle ride through the back roads of Maine. A beautiful day just like the one now and the start of many more!


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