Sep 19, 2010

And the carving continues...

During my time off from the computer, I got back to many of my projects, one of which was wood carving.. I had posted by first attempt in Wood Carving Newbie. I really enjoyed it and decided to try it again. Each time I carve, I discover a better way to use the carving tools...I took the top of a bench that my Dad made for me and put it on the old Singer Sewing machine bottom I still had.

I used the same design as my first attempt.
It was an easy design and I love the look of it.

The one mistake I made was not sanding down the wood between the carvings on the top . A light sanding would have evened out the color of the wood.

When I applied the Black Bees wax,
the carving came out slightly lighter that the middle..
I was hoping to achieve a more uniform antiqued look.

But I was still very happy with the results.
Of course I had to throw in a little Peace sign on the side carvings :)

This is once again my sewing table in the craft room.
Another aspect of these pieces are the fact they are recycled.
If it has a positive family history to it can be become
not only a charming item that you have created but an heirloom also.

If anyone is interested in carving, this site was one I used to understand the tools use.
I like to design my own but there are also free patterns here to download.

Peace !


Lady of the Woods said...

this table is the organic feel of it.

myartistry said...

Beautiful carving!

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