Jul 25, 2010

Lace Trim Flowers

This is such a fun and easy thing to do that I had to share it. I found this in a magazine ( can't remember which one) a long time ago. This week I was going through my closets and came upon a basket with lace trim pieces in it. Lace is so beautiful and delicate that I decide the time had come to try this. I love bringing in the elements and textures in Nature. If you look around you will see the same lacy textures such as Wild Carrot.

The list of required items are minimal.

Stiffy fabric Stiffener
Pieces of lace some at least 6 inches long or lace doilys.

First thing to do is to soak your lace in Stiffy. When throughly saturated, squeeze out the excess and flatten out. It can be a little messy so have a wash cloth by to wipe your hands.....

Begin on one one end and roll up. As you work your way down you can pinch the lace towards the bottom of the flower, accordion style, to get a fuller flower. If you are using a lace doily, just fold it in half and roll it up the same way, the only difference is you will be rolling it in an arc.

I tried one with three different lengths to make a thicker middle. It is a good way to use up the short tiny pieces.

After you have made your roll, tie the middle with a piece of string this will hold it in place while you work the edges out to make the flower form.

I punched some holes in a box to hold my flowers upright while I worked the edges out. Stiffy dries pretty fast but not so fast that you can't mold your flower to the way you like it.. I let it dry for five minute intervals then work on it. When you get it to the look you like, let it dry completely over night so that it becomes very hard.

Add a piece of wire and trim the string.

What you end up with is some beautiful lace roses to decorate with in your home.



*Trisha* said...

Heyy. Thanks for sharing this! I re-blogged it and both used our photo and linked to this page.

Hope that's ok. Let me know if it's not, and I can always remove it :)


Lady of the Woods said...

I usually don't like "fake flowers" but these are special! I love it!

Linda said...

Yes I prefer the real ones too., :) ..I had some extra pieces to use up and thought I would try these...I actually used a few for gift toppers..:) I like the natural look of them ...

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