Jul 13, 2010

Beautiful Talented Frida

Frida Kahlo was born on July 6,1907 as
Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón.
Her father was German,
her mother Metizo, which is Spanish and Indian.

She three at the start of the Mexican Revolution
in which my Great Grandfather General Felipe
Angeles fought as a revolutionary. She told
people she was born in 1910 so they would
associate her with the Revolution.

She died July 13, 1954 the year I was born. So
55 years later I would like to honor this
remarkable woman in a small way.
She is one of my favorite artists.I hope that
this short biography will inspire you to read
more about her and enjoy her paintings.. There
is so much to her life.

She has always been one of my favorite Folk Art
painters. But it was not just because of her
beautiful self- portraits but also what her life
entailed. She was a free-spirit bohemian who was
her own woman. As a teenager, she enjoyed boxing
and other sports. She was closer to her father
than her mother and dressed at times in her
father's clothes. Along with being bi-sexual it
leads me to believe that Frida enjoyed having
options that were afforded for both sexes. She
also dressed in the indegenous dress of Mexico
even after most had given it up. One reason was
to hide her bad leg which was thinner than the other.

Her strength and perserverance through many
physical hardships is an inspiration to me. She
had polio at age 6 and was in a bus that
collided with a trolley car. She suffered from a
broken spinal coloum, collarbone, ribs,pelvis,
11 fractures in her right leg and crushed right
foot, a dislocated shoulder and a iron handrail
punctured her abdomen and uterus damaging her
chances at having children. She suffered many
miscarriages and would undergo 35 operations
over her life becuase of this accident also
having relapses which rendered her bed-ridden for months.

"I paint myself because I am so often alone and
because I am the subject I know best."

Frida Kahlo

It was during this time that she changed from
medical studies to painting. Her paintings were
mostly self-portrait in which we can see her
life. I think of it as her journal in which you
can see the physical wounds and the hidden
personal pain that she endured through her life.
Somehow I would like to think that her painting
was theraputic for her.

She was married to Deigo Rivera a famous Mexican
painter. She considered him the greatest painter that ever lived.
They had a very tempestuous marriage as
they both had tempers and extrmarital affairs.
Frida,with both men and women.

She and Diego were also Communist sympathizers
which lead to her friendship and subsequent
affair with Leon Trotsky, who was there in
Mexico seeking asylum from Stalin.

She died on July 13, 1954 after a year of
suffering setbacks with her leg being amputated
to her knee becuase of gangrene. It is said she
died from a blood clot to the lung but some
suspect it may have been a drup overdose,
whether by choice or accident no one will ever
know if this is true. Her ashes are in a
Pre-Columbian urn in her home which is
now a museum.

The Blue House

Some of her pictures include monkeys which
according to Mexican mythology symbolizes lust,
but Frida painted them as protectors.

In 1939, she went to Paris where had an
exhibition of her paintings.
The Louvre bought this paintingthat was shown at
the exhibition. It was the first work by a 20th
century Mexican artist ever purchased by a
famous museum internationally.

"The Frame"

She has been honored in many ways . The list is long
but a couple I would like to mention happened in the United States.
She became the first Hispanic woman to be honored
with a U.S. postage stamp in 2001.

Her painting, Roots, sold for 5.6 million at
auction becoming a record for a Hispanic work.


I like the painting "Borders".
I find this picture significant in light of the fact
that there is an element in this country that are
currently targeting Latinos for coming to the US.
This was painted in 1932 and seems to be applicable today.
Most of them are just looking for a better life.
This painting shows the vast difference between the two.

I have included some websites that I found interesting and informative on Frida.
I hope this has inspired you to find out more about Frida and her art.
It is the art of a wonderful artist both for the artistic work
and for the psychology behind them.



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