Jun 21, 2010

Wood Carving Newbie

A few years ago my father gave me his wood carving tools. I put them away hoping for a time when I could try my hand at it...Well the time has come...my husband had some planks from the wood mill he had years ago. He had one piece that was small so I thought that would be a good piece to try...

I found that not only is it fun but very relaxing. It requires your complete attention...all outside interferences and problems have to be left by the wayside...the more I do this the more I find those problems are left behind...permanently......for me it is very therapeutic and a way to express myself artistically in another genre...

My hubby took the wood and rounded the edges and hollowed out the center to create a concave effect. Then I drew my design on it.

I then began working the outline of the design and scraping the outer edges.

Though it was very rough I was pleased with my first attempt. The rough look actually goes well with my style of decor.

My mistake with this piece came when I tried to stain it...the wood was so old that it was too porous and soaked up the stain before I could wipe off the excess..I had only wanted a light stain on it. So I sanded it back down as best I could. I then applied black beeswax to it and achieve the look I wanted.

Even though the carving area is darker...I liked the look. It has an ancient,well worn look to it. I have it in my living room and seems to fit in with the Bohemian look I am going for.

It has now become a home for the iron scorpion my husband made for me ( my astrological sign)...It seems symbolic of the way we work together in our lives...combining our artistic ideas in life.

I have started my next project and am posting a sneak preview.I will post the final results and pictures of what this is going to be when I have finished...so stay tuned!!!
Peace :)


InspireBohemia@gmail.com said...

Love it, way to go!! My father and his father were engravers, old-school hammer and chisel style. Unfortunately my father passed before he could pass on the skillt o me, but since I'm very artistic and creative like him, I think I can teach myself! This post inspires me to go to my moms house and get those tools and start practicing on metal lighters! Once again, great job, keep it up!

Also, thanks for following my blog Inspire Bohemia - I love yours too, fellow bohemian :)


Linda said...

Thanks I love your blog too... spent alot of time on it last night...

Go and get those tools..it is not hard and I just taught myself...I started with a design I liked too so that helps...
an't wait to see what you do with your wood carving...:)


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