Jun 13, 2010

Mama Snapping Turtle

A couple of weeks ago, a Mama Snapping Turtle made her way up our driveway. My husband came in to get me because he knew I would want to get pictures...he knows me well.

At first we thought she was heading for our little pond but she stopped in front of the big rock in my future rose garden. As she started digging we realized she was going to lay eggs. We were very excited to be able to witness this event. She dug her hole so we left her alone. I took some pictures doing so as quietly as possible and she didn't seem to mind my presence. We felt honored and surprised that she would choose this spot where there is usually so much traffic. One of my friends told me that that she knew I would look out for her babies...which I will...

I had Steve stand near her so that you could see how big she is..

.. She is digging her birthing pit...

laying the eggs

If you look closely , that little white orb is an egg.
I have no idea how many she laid but in doing a little research they normally lay between 20-40 eggs. Due to high loss from predators it usually takes 3000-6000 eggs for a Mama turtle to replace herself. maybe these eggs will have a much better chance with me watching over them.
The eggs have been laid and it is time to return to the pond.

Enjoy this wonderful example of nature's continuing cycles. Hopefully I will be around when the babies hatch, if I am I will post an update on them...

1 comment:

Lori said...

You had better be around to see them hatch! She chose you because you are Mother Earth, and she knew that. :)

Wonderful, Linda! I love it.


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