Mar 16, 2010

Recycled Christmas Cards

Memories of my Grandmother come back to me all the time... It seems as I get older it occurs more and more.... I hear my adult children reminisce about things, such as my kitchen garden which is the first thing you saw as you walked out the door, the homemade bread or my family recipe book, so that I know those memories have been instilled in them already.
When I think of my Grandmother, I think of her standing in her big kitchen cooking...(she made the most delicious Lemon Meringue pies, still my favorite today)...making braided rugs, tending her roses, picking blueberries or playing Scrabble with her. I spent every weekend at my grandparents home. It was my wonderland.
Christmas was always glorious at Grammy & Grampa's house. It is why Christmas is my favorite holiday. The tinsel and big colored lights, the bubble lights in the windows, the Napco Santas on the TV and those beautiful Christmas card ornaments. I wish I had some now.
This year as I was I cleaning out my Christmas decorations, I had a stack of Christmas Cards from my family and friends. Now I knew why Grammy made those ornaments. It was a great way to display these cards for everyone to enjoy. When you look at them, you see images and remember who sent it. But I realize that Grammy was a recycler!!!

I got the pattern from the web and started cutting out the circles. Enough to make 12 ornaments. One site even suggested adding the year and names of those who sent it. Which I still need to do plus I even thought of adding some little charms from the hangers too. I also edged mine with glitter for a little sparkle.
Not only are these a great way to create a family heirloom, a topping for a present but it is a great way to recycle the cards.
So here are the results and the great web site
for the pattern and instructions! Thanks Grammy for instilling another tradition.

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A Life said...

Linda, thank-you for this great info. I will have this on my things to do list! Laife

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