Jan 20, 2010

~Planning for the Spring Garden~

I love this time of year....the seed catalogs arrive right after Christmas.. Once the holidays are over and the decorations are packed away, it is time to plan the garden..
I draw out a footprint of my garden and decide where to put the veggies.. Experience tells you what will thrive in a certain place and what doesn't. There is companion planting as a natural form of pest control, rotation of crops, 1st and 2 nd plantings and so on.

That is why winter is so important. Not only for the land to lay fallow but for you to have time to plan and organize. After all, you want the best harvest to feed your family.

This year the husband and I are going to utilize an area that receives a lot of sun and will involve terracing.... which is growing on the side of a hill. So there will be some planning on what to grow there.

I also have used a technique over the years that I love. It is called square foot gardening. You can grow a lot of food in a small area.. In a 6'x 9' area, I grew 35 lbs of carrots........that is the size of an area rug. It would be worth it to check out their web site.


My favorite seed source is Johnny's Selected Seeds. They promote organic gardening. I get the untreated seeds here though they sell treated seeds too.


For anyone interested in growing their own food, these are two sites I highly recommend to begin with. After over 25 years of growing organic food to feed my family, you learn what works, eliminates unnecessary weeding and will produce the greatest harvest.

Here is a portion of last fall's harvest. Makes you want to grow your own doesn't it!!!!

My little Garden helper...Mimi... guarding our harvest

Nothing like a veggie stew on a cold winter night simmering away!

Beets....need I say more!!!


Lori said...

Your veggies are gorgeous, Linda. Jim and I have tried our hand at gardening and haven't been very successful at it. We aren't home enough in the very hot summer months of Florida to take good care of our investment. I always want to give it another try, though.

Love the larger, and white print, btw. It is easier on my older eyes.

Linda said...

Thanks for the feed back Lori...I am trying some different things with the blog...

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