Jan 13, 2010


The earth quake and ensuing descruction in Haiti is beyond words. Our thoughts and prayers are needed for the Haitians to get through this. Kudos to our President for sending help so quickly to our neighbors. God Bless President Obama for his leadership.

My utter disgust at Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh for their typical UN-Christian like statements and political pandering when so many people are hurt, suffering and dying. Their narcissistic, evil, and vile behavior is nothing new, just unbelievable in light of this tragedy.

There are many places to donate and they can be found on most news web sites. Even if you donated a little it would help. Imagine what could be accomplished if everyone who could contributed just $5.00 or $10.00.

My girlfriend sent this site to me and they provide much needed essential in time of disaster. Please check it out. It is called Shelter Box.

Also keep the workers and volunteers in your prayers as they work to help people in this devastated area.

Thanks, Linda


Lori said...

Thank you, Linda, for posting this.


Linda said...

Thanks for telling me about this! :)

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