Jan 16, 2010

~~Bohemian Gypsy~~

One of the very many reasons I find the bohemian style so appealing is the freedom to explore the unique and different styles. It involves a complete thinking outside the box. You can try anything. You surround yourself with everything you love.....what makes you feel good......a home that brings good energy and experience to your loved ones. My family and friends feel that way now. I want to improve that experience even more for them.

For me, it is about a deviation towards more color. Something that I have never been inclined to do. I have always kept to very neutral and dark colors. But that has reflected my emotions and experiences. Things have changed...... I feel the need to express more fully the peace & happiness, along with my self-assurance and voice that has returned to my life recently, through the expression of color! My decluttering process over the last two weeks have recharge my batteries.
Our home is my canvas and my palette will be imbued with colors. Colors from my gardens and the woods surrounding our home. Future posting will give you an inside look at what I will be doing in different rooms, art projects and clothing utilizing our motto of reduce, reuse and repurpose........ so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I am finding many blogs that enjoy the bohemian look and I am gathering immense inspiration from them. One I would like to share with you is "Boho Market by Giovanna." These pictures are so beautiful...They inspire the creative juices in me.. and portray an essence of tranquility.


Photos credited to Boho Market by Giovanna.

These pictures do not belong to me and are used for commenting purposes only.

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