Jul 14, 2009

Greetings everyone!

Most of the time when you hear the word Bohemian you tend to think of a gypsy wandering the countryside, living life on their own terms, surrounding themselves with myriads of color and music. According to dictionaries and thesauruses, in order to be a true Bohemian you have to be absorbed into the arts, living a life in poverty in order to achieve that availability in which to immerse yourself. Words that describe the Bohemian are unconventional, artistic, exotic, alternative, rebel, radical, eccentric, hippy, individualist.

I have been called many of these adjectives over my life . I do tend to think of myself as having a bohemian lifestyle. Giving birth to my son in a farmhouse in Strong Maine, cooking and canning on a beautiful little Princess Atlantic wood cook stove, creating things for my home and family, not always following social protocol are some of the things I have done throughout my life. These experiences have brought me to the road I now travel.

To me, the word bohemian has evolved to a unique level. It involves a deeper spiritual and emotional level. A freeing of the soul enabling one to see artistic value in many more things……. other than say paintings, photographs and sculptures. Not just the superficial but the heart of who we are. Our family and friends are an artistic extension of who we are as people. It takes you to a more organic level. Thoreau and Emerson are great examples. They also gave very interesting insight into the conflict between the conventional and bohemian lifestyle.

Breaking free from what others expect of you and following what is best for you, spiritually, mentally, socially and physically. You become the canvas to design something having worth and beauty that goes past the surface. At the surface, it is too easily manipulated to present a false front. Whereas the core cannot stay hidden once exposed to the light. To stifle our core, our beliefs, our feelings and values stifles a natural creativity that is a benefit to the whole environment.

In the profile, it asks to lists your interests. For me that is impossible. There is so much I am interested in. Art, books, music, gardening, plants , movies, language, cultures, etc. When people oppose the teaching of new language or a culture, I cringe because there is so much to learn from others. God gave us a brain for a reason….to use it…to seek out wisdom.

Too many people live inside the box, spending most of their time trying to control the environment around them. This is what creates chaos, stress and unhappiness. If this is conventional, then I guess I am unconventional because I reject that behavior. I have tried to conform in the past to how others expect me to behave and it suffocated me to the point where my creativity had all but vanished.

Since opening myself up more, creativity flows out of me constantly changing my perception of my environment in a healthier, happier way. My hope through this blog is to share my art and my thoughts on life, spirituality, books, movies and other impressions. May you take something good and worthwhile from me that will enhance your life and then pay it forward. Please remember these are my thoughts and perceptions only. I look forward to hearing yours on them.


Jul 13, 2009

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