Dec 28, 2009

A Great Way to Start the New Year....

A few years ago my best friend, Sr. Lura Grace, introduced me to a wonderful little book by Karen Kingston called "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui".
To say it a book only about decluttering is an understatement. It is about letting go. This little book had the most profound effect on me. It is like having a friend sit nearby and say to you..."Do you really need to have that? Do you actually like that thing? When was the last time you used that? Does it remind you of something good or bad?" What ever the question, it can be answered.

Kingston instructs you to set up a work environment and open frame of mind before you even start. In the same way anyone prepares for a job, you prepare to declutter...physically, mentally and spiritually. Room by room Kingston tackles the very problems that bog you down but explains why you experience the feelings that you do. As your understanding of what you are decluttering takes hold, you begin to branch out on your own. Kingston helps you release the guilt and sentimentality of hanging on to items that do nothing but collect dust and stagnant energy, unconsciously weighing you down.

The end result is an opening of new energy and new experiences. A discarding of the old and decaying, the past, the negative and embracing the new and inspiring, the future and the positive.

This decluttering is done by practicing Feng Shui. All the good things that you keep can be placed in a way to accelerate the flow of energy in your living space effecting your thoughts, emotions, and spirituality.
I have passed on this book to many people and the reaction is the same. They love the book and what it has done for them.

So thank you, Lura, for introducing me to one of the most wonderful books! It has truly been a life changer.

I also am including Kingston's website and blog that tells you all about her and her books. I highly recommend her book if you are looking to start the New Year in a more positive way.

Peace, Linda

Karen Kingston's blog site and the new updated version of "Clear Your Clutter".

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Méa Strauß said...

thank you Linda, for sharing this! I love to declutter our home (Razzia every year with a fleamarket), as I need space for my creations and to LIVE, not to HAVE. And this year was under the family-Motto "declutter your consume habits". We proudly make efforts here :))
dearest greetings from Méa, still behind her tea-cup

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