Dec 2, 2009

Pine Needle Baskets

My Dad made me a pine needle basket a few years ago for my birthday. As you can see it is a beautiful piece of art. This was quite a few months in the making. It is a valued gift that I deeply treasure from him. His artistic talent is many and varied. He is always looking for something new to try. He is the reason my children and I are creative.

Thanks Dad :)

I shared these pictures with my Native American Folklore class (at UMaine) after reading about the Sweetgrass baskets. My Professor thought it was "GORGEOUS"! The Sweetgrass baskets reminded me of this basket.

Dad took a class while in Florida where these baskets originate from.

So here is a little history: Seminole Indians of South Florida were the first pine needle basket makers. They used a bone or shell needle to sew bundles of pine needles together with fern roots, sisal, or swamp grass. The bundles of pine needles were then woven and tied together with thread. The technique is called coiling.

My basket hangs on the wall because it is too valuable to use. I would rather its use was aesthetic only.

Sweetgrass baskets are very interesting in their own right, being indigenous to Maine and Canada. I have made baskets in the past but I have now added making a Sweetgrass basket to my Bucket List. I will post the results later.

I have also posted a couple of websites that gives you step by step instructions for making a pine needle basket for those who are interested at trying your hand at.

Indian Summer

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Méa Strauß said...

And now I have tears in my eyes. What a father :))
So wonderful... I am so touched. Wished i would have had one to love me...
And so happy YOU had!! So you can spread the spirit :))
So sweet of you, you have this posted

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