Nov 12, 2009

Favorite Things- Milagros

Milagros means miracles. These iconic votives come in the shape of body parts, animals , vegetables, fruits and animals etc. The petitioner places the icon, such as a leg, near their favorite saint and asks for healing or gives thanks for the healing or miracle. This custom originally came from Spain with the arrival of the conquistadors to Mexico. This practice assimilated well into the Native American (Aztec) customs of using amulets and talismans.

With the research of my family in Mexico, I have discovered the beauty of Mexican folk art. My favorite is the Milagros crosses. I have been collecting them over the last few years. Along with the crosses are other shapes such hearts. There are also some beautiful pieces of jewelry & collages.

These Milagros crosses represent gratitude... In looking at them, they remind me of all the good in my life, it diminishes the negative. I place them where I will see them all during the day.

My favorite artist in Fernando Arellano of Mexico City. The crosses he designs are so beautifully done. I was able to buy a few on Ebay. They seem to go anywhere in the home. They also blend with any type of decorating style. That is the beauty of Mexican Folk Art.
The four crosses in the picture above have a prominent place in my kitchen

This was my very first Milagros Cross.

This heart shaped Milagros is one of my favorites because of the scorpion.

The crosses also can be different colors but I am partial to black with the silver. The icons also come in brass & copper.
I have posted some websites that give more information and art pieces for those of you interested.


A Life said...

This was a wonderful post. Thank-you for the information...Laife

Méa Strauß said...

Oh Yes, here in Europe we have these too. But they look different. Mostly they have the shape of hearts, called "Thank-You-Heart", a gift to the church in older days. They often are beautiful, out of silver, they have an G and an R in the middle gilded. "GR" means "gracia ricevuto", "thank you, I have received"... a healing or a blessing or something wonderful. They were thought ass donations, now many of us have em at home as a wonderful accessoire for the home.
So, I will read again, Greets from Méa

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