Oct 31, 2009

Halloween Past

My friend Lori reminded me of how it always seemed to snow on Halloween. Thinking back, I remembered always having a winter coat on....Halloween in Maine! That got me thinking about some of the other great memories of Halloween from the 60's. After getting on our costumes, we would grab our Halloween bags or pillow cases (a favorite Halloween sack) and heading out into the darkness we were ready to seek out our treasures.
The most sought after- the Candied Apple!
There were kids running everywhere. Jack-O-Lanterns lit up in the front windows signaled us to come for our treats....or maybe tricks!!! We knew all the neighbors around town so there was never any fear of anything bad happening. "Trick or Treat" we would scream as the neighbors opened the doors. They knew who you were no matter how hard you tried to fool them.

This is a picture of myself, as Casper, my friend Jon Blasidell, as an astronaut and my brother Steve, as a rabbit heading out on Halloween in 1962.
Of course you had the bullies trying to take your candy or stealing a pumpkin off a porch to smash. They always tried to take candy from the littler ones but we all rallied and chased them off. That was our "Neighborhood Watch". After filling our sacks we would run home and dump all of our spoils on the living room rug. Then we headed back out to canvas the rest of town. At that point only the older kids could go.. retuning with more delicious plunder.We would have treats, always kept in the big silver bowl, that would last for weeks.
We had so much fun that when I see the kids going to the Halloween walks for their safety, I feel saddened by it. The freedom, the trust, and safety that we were privileged to have for a time are gone forever.
But the fun can still be had!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


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Méa Strauß said...

Linda, yess, I once visited my sister in Missourie and could enjoy this too.
My little niece was a pink princess, I would always be a dracula... ;)
Love the idea withe pumpkin-coloured letters :)))

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